Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Syrian Uprising Syria A Socialist Republic That Formed...

Kristian Coronado Professor†¦ Political science†¦ 3 November 2014 Syrian Uprising Syria, expanding over 185,180 square kilometers of southwest Asia, is located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. It includes five main geographic zones. These are the; Jazirah in the northeast; a country with low rolling hills, the area east of the Ansariyah and Anti-lebanon ranges, the Euphrates river that crosses a desert region, the coastal plain along the Mediterranean shore, and the mountain and hill regions that include Ansariyah Mountains in the northwest parallel to the coast, the slopes east of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains, and Jabal Ad-Duruz in the southeast. Of these geographic areas, Syria borders Lebanon (Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations, â€Å"Syria†). A fundamental law that emerged in 1966 considered Syria a socialist republic that formed part of the Arab homeland. In 2007 Bashar al-Assad was elected leader. He currently belongs to the Ba’ath party and is in alliance with the National Progressive Front. Syria’s dominant p olitical party is The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party. Only this party has the authority to carry on activity in the armed forces. President Bashar al-Assad’s army is currently in an ongoing battle against the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria); a Syrian civil war. This unrest began in the early spring of 2011. The people of Syria were protesting against their leader and the leader’s forces responded with violent â€Å"enforcement of regulations†. After

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